June 13


This has been my experience as well.  Even teens are starting tobacco in fewer numbers.  This is big news and good news.  Now we just need to get it “out there” that smoking is the habit of the lower socio-economic class, those who may not be the brightest or the best.  If you want to put yourself in that camp, pick up a smoke!  If you want to look like you’re more successful with better long-term potential, simply don’t pick it up!

On another note, I’ve had great success getting my nicotine dependent patients off of tobacco products by telling them something shocking; “I do NOT want you to stop smoking!”  Folks look at me like I’m nuts, but it gets their attention!  I tell them that I simply want them to go to the local “Vape” store, tell the clerk what brand they like and how much they smoke, to set them up with the best match of device and oil.  Then SWITCH (but don’t ALTERNATE).  I explain that when not puffing a cigarette it’s still burning your money in the ashtray, while the Vape patiently, inexpensively, waits for you to pick it up again; more “pictures of dead presidents to tote around in your wallet” is the ultimate result!  Folks know it’s not good to use tobacco, I remind them the Vapes are poison, but that tobacco has 400-500 toxins and the vapes only a fraction of that (& avoid the ‘flavored’ products).

Folks who do this tend to lower their nicotine consumption over time and eventually stop using altogether.

Dr. Raymond Oenbrink