Dr. Oenbrink

My husband has been a patient of Dr. Oenbrink for several months. This is the first time we’ve found a professional care doctor that is not only non-judgemental but sincerely wants to help my husband with his pain issues, applying a combination of acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, and pain meds. He’s very knowledgeable in his field and the BEST doctor my husband has ever been to.

Elaine Ruddy

I had been to thirteen

I had been to thirteen different physicians and specialists with no answers for my failing health. Dr. O put me on a path to wellness. I am getting my life back thanks to him.


Allison F

I wanted to tell people,

I wanted to tell people, that there is hope and there is treatment that will reverse the damage caused by mold..including the brain hypertrophy/atrophy. Dr. Raymond Oenbrink in Asheville, NC has helped us tremendously over the last 11 or so months. This doctor saved my children and I’s lives as well as a dear friend of mine and her daughter plus some others that I’m friends with. My 3 small children ages 3, 6, and 7 and I all have CIRS from a house we were renting which had toxic black mold behind all the walls, under the floors, in the HVAC etc from a leak from a washing machine that left rotting wood that was never fixed for 1-2 years before we ever moved into or knew that house existed.

Anyways, Dr. Raymond Oenbrink is the ONLY doctor within 700 miles of us who has been able to successfully treat us from CIRS, takes insurance, and KNOWS what he’s doing. Trust me, I’ve tried to find a local specialist but the problem is regular doctors don’t have a clue about mold because they aren’t taught about it in med school, tell you you’re crazy and offer anti depressants, say you have too many symptoms, and their treatments end up harming you in the long run and don’t get to the root of the problem. That problem is that mycotoxins have deposited themselves in your brain and fat cells and if you can’t metabolize or remove them from your body, your body mistakenly attacks itself like an acquired autoimmune disease and causes chronic body wide systemic inflammation which wreaks havoc and can ultimately shut down all of your organs if left untreated.

Dr. Oenbrink has been a God send to us and has quite literally saved our lives when no one else would help us or care to learn what was happening to us to help. Give him a chance to help you and your loved ones…I swear you won’t regret it. For those of you wanting to know what I’ll I get out of this, nothing, but the satisfaction of knowing I was able to help others not go through the same misery my family and I have gone through. It’s miserable, and it’ll be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do in your life, but it’s worth seeing your children grow up happy and healthy and no longer suffering, it’s worth getting your brain back…it’s worth the good fight, and he will fight for you if given the chance!

Jamie Hawley

Dr. Oenbrink was an answered prayer!

If you have given up and feel like there is no more hope after going from doctor to doctor, please read this because I was there myself. After 2 years of being ill and from doctor to doctor I was not only getting frustrated, but more sick. Every doctor I went to kept telling me there was something wrong and it was always let’s try this drug or that drug. Working in health care myself I knew enough to to listen to my instincts and know that I needed to keep searching. After going to the Mayo Clinic, I found out the root cause of my issues. However, it was after I had already returned home and had been there 3 weeks already. Mayo is great and I credit them for helping me however there are certain things even they don’t specialize in. CIRS from a water damaged building and mold exposure is one of them. Knowing what was wrong and dealing with the effects I still was sick and getting no better. Many times I had felt hopeless and like there was no help but being I have two girls and a husband at home, I was determined to get better for them. I went in a search for a specialist. Found several and made phone calls to them. After talking to Dr. Oenbrink on the phone I felt like this is where I needed to be. The knowledge and understanding he had about my condition was promising and I had to give it another try. I traveled to NC from Indiana for my appointment. I can honestly say I have never found a doctor as compassionate about his patients and their recovery. Dr. Oenbrink took the time (over 5 hours) and listened to what I have been through. Examined me and came up with a game plan. I am still in the beginning of this phase but can tell you I am certain with his help I am on my way to recovery. I have a new positive outlook on life and hope. I have worked in healthcare myself for over 7 years and have seen good and bad within our physicians but to see a physician take so much time and put the compassion into his patients and their recovery is something I have not seen very much. I have prayed and prayed for help and I know this is where God led me. Please if you are struggling like I was don’t second guess yourself. Even if it is a far travel for you it will be worth it. I wish we had more physicians who specialized in this life changing condition. I will always have issues with my health because some of the damage that is done is irreversible but I now have hope to be able to enjoy life more with my family with treatment. Thank you Dr. Oenbrink for your dedication and knowledge in this condition.

Kristina Werner

Finally, someone in my corner

I saw dozens of doctors and health professionals over the 4+ years I’ve been sick. The ones with the power of the prescription pad all thought I was crazy, or flat-out told me that they see people like me all the time and there’s nothing they can do for any of us. That is a very depressing outlook for a medical doctor to hold. And the ones who were willing to hear me out and actually help me offered therapies that might work for some cases, but didn’t seem to help me in any way. They wanted to, and they tried, but they all just seemed to be flailing and running very low on options. Ultimately I found my own diagnosis, and as a result I immediately found Dr. Oenbrink. I wish I had found him years ago.

He’s a very intelligent and talented diagnostician, but what makes him valuable to me is the simple fact that he believes me and he’s willing to work for me. I doubt I’ll ever hear the term “psychosomatic” or the phrase “it’s all in your head” from him. He understands chronically ill patients, has a desire to give them their lives back and has the ability to actually do it. A true diamond in the rough.

If you’re tired of hopping from diagnostician to diagnostician hoping that someone can figure out why you’re still sick, give it one more hop. It will likely be the last.

Thank you!!

Dustin Schultz

Another Answered Prayer

We had a neighbor and our mold remediation company refer us to Dr. Oenbrink. This was a true answered prayer. He is a man of God who truly cares about both of us. We have been fighting mold related brain issues for over a year. He had so much more to offer and is aggressively treating our condition. We finally found the last of the mold and are making great progress. He is very easy to talk to and listens to us as well as coaches and trains us, too. He encourages us spiritually as well offering support and prayer. He is a joy to work with and takes all my calls and answers my emails. His additional testing also confirmed our condition – and found some other things we needed to address. All of this with very few prescription medicines!! He also coordinates with our 2 other Doctors as well. I keep his pamphlets on my desk and website in my phone and refer him quite often. My God bless and keep Dr. Oenbrink.

John and Carol Hetzel


After years and years of chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, constant flu-like aching, severe sinus issues, mold toxins, infections and chronic inflammation, I am finally seeing progress and getting my life back. Prior to coming to Dr. Oenbrink, I’d already been through 2 sinus surgeries, completely changing my nutrition, mold remediation of everything that I own and building a “safe place” for me to live free from mold toxins. Even so, I still continued to suffer and lived a very secluded life due to quarantining myself from moldy environments. My inflammation continued all through my body and depression became an unexpected part of my life. I am very thankful for answered prayers in finding Dr. Oenbrink. He spends an enormous amount of time with his patients, leaving no stone unturned. He’s a very compassionate doctor who understands that this is not just all in the patient’s head. His approach is very sequential, validated by lab test results yet he also really takes into account the patient’s symptoms. The patient is always informed about the plan of action and is expected to work with the doctor in being compliant with the necessary lab tests and recommended protocol for treatment. He truly works to find the root of the problem. I have already seen great progress and I’m very sure that I’ll continue to get even better. It’s just wonderful to begin having my life back again. I am thankful for Dr. Oenbrink and highly recommend him. Cynthia C.

Cynthia C.

A wonderful opportunity to find the right doctor

I spent 5 hours, 11am-4pm, with Raymond Oenbrink, DO, 2 days ago, my initial appointment. His office, Appalachian Wellness is located very near where Fairview Road begins in Biltmore Village, in The District. PLEASE see all details about this extraordinary, greatly experienced practitioner, on his website: AppWell.net. He takes MEDICARE. I am sending this to friends who are confronting serious medical concerns or interested in the best comprehensive medical care. STRONGLY encouraging you to look at his website and make an appointment with him. I am, as many of you know, dealing with my own medical issues as well as downsizing, planning to be in India for 2 months, preparing to move to another Asheville location at some point, etc., so please don’t ask me for more information, but get it directly from his enormous website. It is all there. This is a personal recommendation from my own experienced medical perspective, both as a practitioner and a PATIENT! Susan PS – He is also available to sign Duke opt-out letters for his patients.

Susan L. Paul BSRN, L.Ac.


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