Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

(Shoemaker Protocol)

Please do NOT wear scented cologne, perfume, body lotion etc. as numerous staff and other employees have allergies and/or severe sensitivities to artificial fragrances!

CIRS Therapy Overview
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New patient visits will be the longest, most complex visit of the protocol for the most part.  We ask that you have basic labs drawn prior to your visit (we will give you the prescription for the labs when you make your appointment) and sent to us and that you bring as many medical records as possible from prior providers who have treated for this condition so that we may review and get a good general overview. Labs typically take up to a month to have results available—these labs are not the “routine” tests done by most practices.  Your initial visit will be scheduled for 5 weeks in advance of your phone call to enable the results of the labs to be available. Your pharmacy can print out your medication list for the past 3 years for us to review as well. Any buildings that are routinely visited (home, work, church, etc.) need to be tested for toxic mold with the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) or HERTSMI testing from Mycometrics can show whether or not there is toxic mold/fungal exposure in any buildings that you are frequently in. There is no possibility of helping patients who suffer from CIRS if they are not removed from the source of the exposure! The New Patient Questionnaire should be completed and uploaded to our practice prior to your initial visit. A nasal culture will be done for MARCoNS/API Staph at your initial visit as well. Subsequent visits will be shorter and less expensive. Telemedicine will be considered for patients who must travel significant visits or are homebound on a case-by-case basis. This type of medicine is extremely lab-intensive. Patients with chronic inflammation also typically carry a significant burden of toxins within their body.  We believe in a comprehensive approach to restoration of total health.  This will include removal of toxins. Our physicians will also review the chronic medications that you are taking and may need to adjust them as well.
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