Cheatle MD1, Gallagher RM2,3, O’Brien CP1.

This prospective study suggests that patients without a recent or prior history of substance use disorder who were prescribed primarily short-acting opioids in low doses for chronic noncancer pain have a low risk for developing a substance use disorder. This finding supports the importance of prescreening patients being considered for opioid therapy and that prescription of opioids for noncancer pain may carry a lower risk of abuse in selected populations such as in private, community-based practices.


Buprenorphine is an excellent choice for outpatient pain management.  It’s underutilized for this purpose due to the ignorance of most primary care providers about the use of this drug.  Buprenex (TM) is used in the operating room for general surgery.  It blocks the euphoria common with addiction.

Dr. Raymond Oenbrink