Comment; Ion-generating photocatalytic air purification systems create ions that react with volatile airborne chemicals and the surface proteins of cells causing chemical changes and loss of structure and function of pathogens (germs, including those that cause disease) and toxic chemicals that cause harm to other organisms—including people. -OH-1 radicals are generated by the reaction of positive and negative ions formed from the photocatalytic systems.


We conducted verification tests on the mechanism of bacteria inactivation by positive-Iy and negatively charged cluster ions.

Electrophoresis methods were used to analyze bacterial cytoplasmic proteins, surface membrane proteins, and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). In addition, radicals generated by reaction of positive and negative ions were identified. It was observed that bacterial surface membrane proteins were fragmented while cytoplasmic proteins and DNA in the bacteria remained intact. It was concluded that the fragmentation of the surface membrane proteins causes rupture in the surface membrane of the bacteria, which causes membrane malfunction and eventually its death. We also confirmed that OH radicals are generated by reaction of positive and negative ions.

Dr. Raymond Oenbrink