Philosophy & Mission

We are a team devoted to you, your health, happiness & future.

We are a team devoted to you, your health, happiness & future. We, as a team, are here to serve you, to improve your life. The staff of Appalachian Wellness has experienced many, if not all your problems ourselves. We have known your suffering and are recovering from these issues. We know pain and we know the joy that comes from relief. We want you to experience that gift as well!  We are your servant; highly educated, experienced, ready to anticipate and exceed covering your needs. The word “servant” needs to be expounded on. We’re not here for you to walk up to the counter and place an order like you would at a diner.
Dr. Oenbrink grew up in Palm Beach County on the southeast Florida coast.  Sports-fishing is a popular activity down there.  Numerous “charter boats” are available for hire to take anglers (fisherman/woman) out to catch “the big one”.  The angler who charters the boat spendsmost of his or her time in the “cockpit”-the back of the boat where the fighting chair is to be ready to hook & fight the big trophy fish.   The fighting chair faces the back of the boat enabling the angler to keep an eye out on the baits that are trolled behind the boat and be ready if a “strike” happens—a big fish getting hooked.  It’s not the most comfortable seat on the boat.  Sun beats down, the front of the boat blocks any breeze or view of what’s ahead of the boat.  The angler trusts the captain atop the flying bridge to guide the boat to the fish.  The captain is the servant; he provides expert service to his customer.   Appalachian Wellness is like that.  We want to get your health back to the point that you no longer need our service.  How many businesses have a goal like that?  YOU are our priority!

Hours of operation

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