Heidi Schulz, MS, PA-C, IFMCP

Heidi Schulz applachian wellness

Heidi grew up in the natural beauty of the Connecticut countryside. She benefited from working with naturopaths and alternative care providers from a young age addressing her own health issues. Heidi always had a strong interest in the medical arts and never understood why the modern system had such separated silos between the allopathic and holistic traditional methods of healing.

After attaining a BA in Biology from Drew University, Heidi attended Rutgers University and the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey Physician Assistant Program, ranked in the top 5 programs in the country.  As a PA, Heidi anticipated that she could bridge the worlds, adding nutritional and lifestyle interventions with allopathic acute care management.   She spent much of her career in emergency medicine with a concentration in ambulatory care and pediatrics. She loved the variety and the continuous learning that the environment required. She also enjoyed being part of corporate management learning the business aspects of how our healthcare system functions.

After seeing many patients who did not have answers to their medical issues through the traditional system, Heidi felt there had to be another way.   She began attending integrative medicine symposiums, was introduced to Functional Medicine, and her passion was reignited.   Heidi completed The Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner Program in 2015, becoming one of the first PAs to acquire this honor.   She has been working in integrative medicine since that time.

Heidi enjoys helping people feel better – it’s that simple. We are all here to explore our gifts and passions as we shine our light out into the world. When our health is out of alignment, the energy required to be our best is subdued and we can feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and lackluster. Using her medical acumen and integrative knowledge base, Heidi enjoys seeing her clients increase in energy, vitality, and improved mood, allowing her clients to live their best lives more fully.

Heidi enjoys taking an integrative approach to common conditions.   She enjoys working with clients who have a “sense of the blahs”, who don’t feel well, and who know something is wrong but whose doctor tells them everything is normal.   To assist those who have felt ignored, shamed, or unheard by the current system by offering another approach to improved health.  Heidi is comfortable with pediatric as well as adult patients and sees both common and complex conditions.  Her knowledge base includes bioidentical hormone replacement therapies for health optimization.   Her mantra is to, “Help the everyday warrior feel every day wonderful.”

Dr. Oenbrink has a natural acumen for complex conditions, particularly CIRS/SIRS, chronic illnesses, and infections.  Both Dr. Oenbrink and Heidi have an affinity for combining integrative and allopathic principles to obtain the best outcome, addressing clients on an individualized basis.

Heid is excited to work alongside Dr. Oenbrink at Appalachian Wellness.   His kind and generous spirit radiates as Dr. Oenbrink shares his vast medical knowledge in service to others.  It is a dream come true to establish a practice in this way, at this time, and with such a colleague.

In her free time, Heidi enjoys being outside in nature, gardening, hiking, traveling, and playing with her dog, Zoe.   She adores her growing community here in Asheville and feels grateful to be surrounded by the beauty of nature.

May We All Shine Our Brightest Light.