Insurance Information

We bill all major health insurance companies.

We participate in Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Medicare, NC Medicaid, TriCare West

HIPAA Notice of Omnibus Privacy Practices

Federal law requires that we provide our patients with this HIPAA Omnibus Notice of Privacy Practices.  This is available for you to review at your convenience, a statement that you were provided with this information will need to be signed at your initial visit and kept in our records.

Financial & New Patient Information

Financial & New Appointment Information:

Appalachian Wellness specializes in the treatment of addiction and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).  Our website is a huge treasury of information about the conditions that we treat; please spend time exploring it!

To verify that you DO have CIRS, please start with the CIRS Screen, prior to your initial appointment for Chronic Inflammation, you’ll also need to do the Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test ($10, takes about 10 minutes on your home computer) and bring those results to your initial appointment.  This test is 95% accurate in the diagnosis; if the test is normal, it’s unlikely that you have CIRS. It’s best to do this test in the environment that you suspect is causing you problems (Eg. Home, Office).  A “borderline” test can change positive or negative within 15 minutes of exposure or removal from exposure. If you’ve found us however, you will most likely have an abnormal test.

Follow-up patients can schedule their own appointment online on our website.

New patients need to complete a couple of forms online and submit them at least 48 hours prior to their appointment  They should call our office after submitting the forms to get their appointment.


The first form  gives us the necessary clerical information and consents that any medical office requests.   This will be the “ TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF” on 1st page of our website!

New patient forms are listed on the left column, established patient forms on the right column.


Forms need to be completed at least 48 hours prior to initial appointment and 6 hours before follow-up visit appointments.


We accept cash, credit or debit cards and bill health insurance/managed care companies.  We are participating providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina. Humana, Medicare & NC Medicaid.

Care Credit is a special credit card that can be used for health care expenses only.  We also participate in that program.

Our fee for addiction treatment is $150 per visit for those without insurance.

We require a face-to-face visit for the initial appointment.

Telemedicine is an option for most follow-up non-Medicare visits. We treat patients from all over the US.  While we sympathize with the need to travel while ill, an initial contact must be done “in person”.

Follow up CIRS appointments generally run around $250 depending on the time required for that appointment.

We will bill private insurance, Medicare & NC Medicaid, however we will ask you to sign an “Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN)” that you will be responsible for payment of whatever balance that your insurance or managed care company has not paid on your bill.  We can arrange a payment plan if necessary.

Specialty Labs;

To verify that you DO have CIRS, please do the Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test and Email the result to or at least bring those results to your initial appointment.  This test is 95% sensitive and specific for CIRS. This can be done from your home computer for a small fee.  It’s advisable to purchase additional tests as the VCS test is used not only to initially diagnose, but also to monitor progress/improvement over time.

Treatment of CIRS REQUIRES total elimination of any and all exposure to toxins.  Any buildings that are routinely visited (home, work, church, etc.) need to be tested for toxic mold with the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) or HERTSMI2 testing from EnviroBiomics can show whether or not there is toxic mold/fungal exposure in any buildings that you are frequently in.  There is no point in attempting treatment if the exposure isn’t eliminated before treatment begins; treatment will NOT work with continued exposure.  This testing typically is not covered by health insurance.

Additionally, testing for Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staph MARCoNS/API Staph  will be done in the office, the fee for this is <$100 patient (it will require extra lab work done on the initial specimen).

Please let us know what we can do to help you regain your good health!