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Learn more about Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) through educational videos, articles and slide-shows. Each resource explains, in detail, an aspect of CIRS

Video Review of Mary Ackerly MD's Integrative Psychiatrist book Brain On Fire

CIRS Treatment Protocol Overview (Article)

In-Depth Article of CIRS Treatment (Shoemaker Protocol)

Summarized Treatment Overview Video

Approach to the CIRS Patient

VCS Testing in CIRS

Fungal Testing for CIRS; ERMI & HRTSMI2

Multiple-Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staph Aureus (MARCoNS) and CIRS

CIRS Effect on Aromatase & Androgen Levels

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor decreases in CIRS

Low Amylose Diet Benefits on CIRS

Transforming Growth Factor ß-1 Increases in CIRS

VIP Replacement Protocol in CIRS

CIRS Overview Video

CIRS High-Risk HLA Haplotypes

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Dangers & CIRS

Cholestyramine (CSM) Binds Toxins in CIRS

Gliadin Sensitivity & CIRS

CIRS Effects on Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) & Osmolality

Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP9) in CIRS

The Complement System Starts the CIRS Process

Replacing Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIC) Fixes CIRS

CIRS Relapse

Resolution of CIRS
Limitations on Air Testing in Moldy Buildings
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