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We use research-validated clinical testing to find and address the root causes of chronic illness

Free Screening Tests

We offer free online CIRS Screening tests and Lyme screening tests that can be taken quickly in a matter of minutes from the convenience of your home.

Therapeutic Services & Protocols Offered

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As part of our diagnosis and treatment plans for varying conditions, we make special use of several novel diagnostic routines. Below is a list of the diagnostic testing services offered at our office:

Shoemaker Protocol

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) due to toxic mold illness, Chronic Lyme Disease, other biotoxin exposure.

Numerous other triggers (up to 25% of the population is predisposed to this illness—various triggers start the process) Dr. Oenbrink is recognized for his excellence in the protocol by Dr. Shoemaker.

Memory Issues & Cognitive Decline 

For dementia, memory loss & Alzheimer’s 


Acupuncture for addiction to nicotine & other substances & behaviors

  • Helps address substance dependence including nicotine, alcohol and other drugs of abuse
  • Acudetox doubles the rate of long-term abstinence and recovery.

IV Therapy

Infusions available for a variety of conditions

Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metal Toxicity

EDTA infusions are very effective at removing toxic metals

Photo Bio-Modulation Therapy

800-nanometer wavelength infrared light therapy can help a variety of issues.

  • Penetrates the skin, tissues, even bone 
  • Restores mitochondrial (cellular power plant) energy production
  • Helps with mental function, clarity, memory

Ozone Therapy

  • Local therapy to clear chronic infections
  • Sinuses; MARCoNS, chronic sinusitis
  • Ears; Tinnitus/ringing
  • Skin; Wounds, chronic inflammation
  • Direct application gaseous
  • Indirect application ozonated oil, aqueous
  • Autohemotransfusion for chronic inflammation resets over 200 genes involved in the chronic inflammatory process
  • Mitochondrial regeneration
  • Boosts blood & tissue oxygenation by a factor of 10x

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