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Links of Interest:

Links of Interest:

Acudetox for the treatment of addiction.  This form of acupuncture involves 5 points in each outer ear that unblock the meridians involving the Shen Men or “Spirit Gate”, Sympathetic, Kidney, Liver & Lung providing for improved movement of Chi (Qi), the “life force” that acupuncture is based upon.  It doubles the rate of long-term attainment and maintenance of sobriety/being clean from drugs of abuse as it improves pathways of emotional healing within the brain that are tied to the issues related to addiction.


Addiction Resources,  raise awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free

Recovery Village Provides resources for treatment in numerous states.

the American Society of Addiction Medicine, who also promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment.

Local Dual Diagnosis Rehab Locator for folks with addiction and concurrent other mental health disorders

Alpha-Stim for Pain & Anxiety Therapy

This device provided significant improvement of 93% in 1,949 pain patients who used Alpha-Stim for a minimum of three weeks. Most of these people failed to get results from previous therapies or they would never have acquired an Alpha-Stim in the first place.  The Alpha-Stim is also a lot more cost effective than almost any other treatment for pain and stress-related disorders. Once the device is purchased it costs very little to use. Most drugs cost more than an Alpha-Stim after just a few months.  It eases the brain into a relaxing brain-wave pattern that removes anxiety and greatly reduces pain.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine This is the site that will help you keep from feeling old.  Plenty of information on bioidentical hormone replacement and other ways to maintain the vigor of youth.  HGH works!  Insurance doesn’t cover that or detoxification protocols with EDTA chelation etc.  Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women, thyroid supplementation, mesotherapy all have a positive impact on aging. This site will help let you know what is available.  We offer most of these modalities.

American Academy of Family Physicians A great site with an awesome search engine to learn more about what you want to know.

American College for the Advancement of Medicine This is a premier site for complementary and alternative medicine.  There is a wealth of information concerning chelation to remove heavy metals and other detoxification protocols.



Is the biological dental organization that teaches the use of ozone in dental procedures.  Dentists on this list know what cavitations  how to use ozone as a treatment as well as surgery (some debate there as to which is best) and what MARCONS is  Look for dentists near you and start by referring patients for cavitations scans

Defeat Autism Now This is a link to the official site of the DAN protocol used to treat autism spectrum disorders

Famly Doctor Information A great source of handouts for patient education to give you a brief overview of what you need to know on a large variety of subjects.  Information available in English & en espanol

International Society of Environmentally Acquired Illness This is the group that is involved with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), ElectroMagnetic Field Sensitivity, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other poorly understood illnesses.  This is the bleeding edge group.

Mold & Water-Damaged Building Resources;

Bibliography of Scientific Literature Re; Water-Damaged Buildings;

Policy Holders of America Water-Damaged Building Bibliography July 2010

Written in 2010 by Dr. Shoemaker and others familiar with CIRS, this document is 160 pages of peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature documenting the state of the art at that time, useful for arguing with insurance companies and any other parties that don’t “believe” in mold as a health problem (like it’s theology, a belief system and not biology)!

Diagnosis and Treatment of Illness Caused by Contaminants in Water-Damaged Buildings June 2018

Written by the Global Indoor Health Network, this paper is an update of the prior work (above), describing a problem that is even detailed in the book of Leviticus 14:36-48 of the Bible (How’s that for a historical perspective)!?  As the introduction to the paper states;

“However, there are thousands of research papers on this topic  that describe the significant health effects of indoor air contaminants.  The significant risk of illness caused by contaminants inside water-damaged homes,  schools and businesses is summed up in the following statements from the World Health Organization:

Indoor air pollution – such as from dampness and mould, chemicals and other biological agents – is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.1

Indoor dampness is estimated to affect 10–50% of indoor environments in Europe, North America, Australia, India and Japan.   In certain settings, such as river valleys
and coastal areas, the conditions of dampness are substantially more severe than the national averages for such conditions.1

As we will discuss throughout this paper, the contaminants in water-damaged buildings can include molds, mycotoxins, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other types of contaminants. Each of these contaminants can cause serious health effects.

Because these contaminants can cause health effects through absorption or inhalation, there is the potential for many different body systems to be affected. Research papers on this topic describe a wide range of symptoms. In a research paper by Dr. Harriet Ammann, she lists the potential system effects in the following categories: vascular, digestive, respiratory, nervous, cutaneous, urinary, reproductive and immune.2-3″


Mold Evaluation Issues;

Video clip showing limitations of air sampling

Air duct cleaning recommendations

Decision Making/Treatment Strategy Reference Documents

CIRS/ERMI Summary of Shoemaker Recommendations

CIRS/ERMI Loading vs. Concentration

Mold Laboratory Testing (HERTSMI2 or ERMI) can also be done with 2 companies;


Phone: 210 233 6162

Mobile: 210 570 2095

11550 IH 10 W, Suite 105,

San Antonio, Texas, 78230


9 Deer Park Dr., Suite K-18
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

Tel: (732) 355-9018
Fax: (732) 658-5185

Air Purification;

Filters remove from the air, a HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles >6 µm.

Purifiers add to the air, typically ions and/or free radicals to chemically react with and change toxins.

Filters cannot remove VOC’s, purifiers can alter them to less toxic substances.

Living Healthy Technologies

Mike Reekie

864 704 7252

520B Hunts Bridge Rd Greenville SC 29617


Building Probiotics is an Israeli company that came up with a fascinating solution.  

Biotoxins are generally weapons directed at other microbes, not at people (we’re just “collateral damage”).  This company came up with a group of predominantly soil-based spore-forming bacteria that are not harmful to people but ARE harmful to other microbes.  Their device puts these beneficial germs into the air to be spread around your house by natural air currents which enable the good germs to seed inside of walls and other areas unreachable by people.  Once there, the germs fight toxin-producing species.  

One caveat, using this system WITH air purification systems may be counterproductive, as the air purifiers may harm the good germs, at least until the good germs have had a chance to establish a strong presence within the building.   Once that happens, the good germs should be OK and the purifiers may be able to break down the toxins produced by any remaining bad germs.

Building Inspection/Testing/Evaluation:

aerobioLogical Solutions, Inc.

703-920-6653 (MOLD)

Greg Weatherman (Virginia, outside of DC)

Arlington VA 22202

Armour Applied Science (Cleveland)

Scott Armour

(216) 225-5237

Core Environmental LLC

Jonathan Hawley, Owner, Certified Mold Inspector/Remediator


Facebook: @cellcmold

Environmental Analytics LLC (Tucson)

Michael D. Schrantz, CIEC,CMI,ABI, BPI-BA/EP

Indoor Environmental Professional

C: 520.488.6639* (call first)
F: 520.721.6851
O: 520.290.6653

Environmental Services Group Carolinas LLC (Charlotte)

704-975-6740 Cell/main business number

John & Linda Eicher

Mold Remediation:

AdvantaClean Remediation

Dan Wackerhagen (864) 704-1993

162-A Kerns Ave Greenville, SC 29609

AHealthy Home

(864) 280-4879

Kay Davis

Core Environmental LLC

Jonathan Hawley, Owner, Certified Mold Inspector/Remediator


Mold-X (Cashiers NC)

Jesse Jones

(828) 582-1009

Mold Support Groups & Resources;

There are numerous good sources for information about Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) on a variety of social media platforms, below are some that I’ve found helpful-but this is not an all-inclusive list of the sites I recommend!

BioToxin Illness

Got Mold? Now What? Hope for Health and Home!
Overview of Toxic Mold and Biotoxin Illness By Dr. Margaret Christensen and Carpathia Collaborative

Paradigm Change Website

Paradigm Change FB Page

Paradigm Change Twitter

Lisa Petrison PhD Facebook

Lisa Petrison PhD Twitter

Mold Avoiders Facebook Page

Avoiding Mold Facebook Page

 SurvivingMold is the original site of Ritchie Shoemaker MD & the Shoemaker Protocol

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