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Insurance & Fees

We believe health care should be affordable. We’re one of the few integrative & functional practices to accept Medicare, NC-Medicaid, and other major insurances. Our mission is to help patients find affordable care options to recover and heal from complex chronic illnesses.


We’re one of the few Integrative and/or Functional practices in the WNC area that accepts NC Medicaid, Medicare, NC Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana and Cigna. All other insurance companies are out of network Prior to your first office visit, please email or fax us a copy of your insurance card. This will allow us to provide an accurate estimate of your total financial responsibility at your intial visit.

Financing Available

Regardless of Insurance status, you are ultimately responsible for your bill and any expenses uncovered by your insurance. We’re happy to discuss these expenses during your first visit.  Financing options are available through Care Credit to help covered expenses for unmet deductibles or services that aren’t covered by your insurance.

Making your Initial Appointment and Cancelation of any Appointment

If you are making your initial appointment please call the office and the staff will let you know what forms to fill out so they can create a chart and then they can make your appointment. All cancelations must have 2 business day prior notice for a no-charge for the cancelation.

Patient Fees

In-Network 3rd Party Payers set their own fees for specific services.  We are contractually bound to follow those compensation rates for our services. There will be some services that are not covered by insurance. The rates for these are not always covered by insurance but, in some cases, we can work with insurers to extend coverage options. If you’re interested in these services please ask us during your next appointment.
Service Fee
Family Medicine Initial Appointment
60 minutes $305
Initial CIRS or LYME

Appointment Price is for self pay or your Insurance is Out of Network The appointment is for a total of 4 hours and is over 2 days 2 hours each day. Price includes pulmonary test and EKG. If you are self-pay and there are 2 or more of you call and ask for the family discount.

All lab work is separate from the $1500.00 fee. The Marcon’s Nasal Swab test is only self pay for everyone. The test is $85.00 if negative and $185.00 if positive. All Quest and LabCorp are separate and you will need to work with them for billing etc. All Medications are through your pharmacy and compounding pharmacy on your own

Follow-up Visit
Appointment Fee $30
1-10 minutes $75
11-15 minutes $95
16-30 minutes $150
41-60 minutes (excludes first time visit) $195
Prolonged Service
Each Additional 30 minutes after the first hour $145
2 Regions $50
4 Regions $70
6 Regions $90
8 Regions $110
15 Minutes $40
Each Additional 15 Minutes $30
Spirometry $65
Echocardiogram $50
Urine Drug Screening (In-House) $50
30 Minutes $10
50 Minutes $15
Photobiomodulation (IR-PBM) Infrared
30 Minutes $20
50 Minutes $30

More Information

We will gladly submit a bill one time on your behalf to 3rd party payers that we do not participate in-network. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly as you will be paying for your appointment prior to being seen. If you are self-pay or out of network then you will be paying a $500.00 deposit when you make your appointment then the remainder of $1000.00 is due prior to being seen.

You have complete access to your own chart and if the insurance company requires more information you may print it up yourself and mail it. If your insurance company requires their own forms to be filled out we will do it at the time of your visit as long as the forms are provided to us in advance.

There will be other services offered that are not covered by insurance networks such as IV fluids, Chelation treatment for heavy metal toxicity, Acudeteox/acupuncture for dependence on substances, osteopathic manipulation is not covered by all insurers.

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