June 22, 2017
Aadhaar; a biometric identification based on facial photographs, iris scan AND fingerprint technology sounds like a great idea.  It will of course, as any technology have potentially bad consequences as well with “big brother” (the “state”) watching, thus potentially an invasion of privacy.
For 3rd world countries with large populations of illiterate, impoverished people however, it could be a great boon to them.
Technology is amoral; neither inherently “good” or “evil”.  It just “is”.
What we do with the information and other resources available due to the technology is where the morality comes in.  It’s not the technology, it’s how we humans APPLY the technology.
This does seem to be a good opportunity for many, with inherent risks.
I think it’s a lot safer than an implanted chip.
Dr. Raymond Oenbrink
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