Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Jab Effects

Dr’s Cole & Mercola have done it again.   

12/18/20 this website blog had an entry voicing many of the concerns that have since come to pass.  This is NOT A VACCINE!  It’s a BIOWEAPON.

Ryan Cole owns the largest privately owned pathology lab in the state of Idaho.  As such, he’s not as hampered by politics as the average employed pathologist working for a big corporation would be

Add to that, he’s HONEST!

Recipients of the COVID Jab bioweapon have been experiencing rapid increases in very aggressive cancers, especially uterine, endometrial (uterine lining), cervical cancer, blood (leukemia, lymphoma) & brain cancers.

Melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer is also increasing dramatically in bioweapon recipients.

Cancers that have essentially been cured—undetectable in PET scans are suddenly coming back as advanced-stage aggressive cancers that are much more deadly as well.

Federal authorities have done a marvelous job of hiding this.

Bioweapon recipients can be helped with a variety of treatments that are “off-label
An “off-label” treatment involves using a therapy in a manner other than what the FDA licensed it for—it doesn’t mean it’s not effective, not safe etc.  Doctors have the ability to prescribe medications for reasons other than initially intended for by the manufacturers by virtue of our training and licensure.

Neurologic side effects can be helped with Fluvoxamine, an antidepressant that has an interesting side effect, it blocks the production of excessive inflammatory cytokines (chemical messengers that cells use to communicate among themselves).

Methylene blue is a dye that has long been used in medicine with great safety. It helps to repair damage to the mitochondria—the power plants in each cell, so that they return to normal function.  Infrared light around 800 nm wavelength also helps this repair.  Cancer is much more likely to develop with impaired mitochondrial function, maybe this is one of the mechanisms by which the incidence of cancer is increasing so much—perhaps methylene blue and near infra-red therapy will help prevent these cancers.

The bioweapon also downregulates toll-ike receptors 7 & 8 which keep latent/dormant viruses present in the body from becoming active, thus increases in Herpes, Cytomegalo virus (CMV), Epstein-Barr (mononucleosis)and others can increase in activity

Killer cells & Natural killer cells tasked with eliminating damaged and abnormal (think developing into cancer) cells also become damaged and don’t do their jobs after the bioweapon.

CovidJab Bioweapons are not pharmaceutical grade, filled with impurities, especially fatty particles known as liposomes which can be used as delivery systems for other toxic genes, ingredients and comoponents such as prions—which cause Kuru a deadly, debilitating brain deterioration first documented in cannibals of New Guinea who ate brain tissue from their conquered enemies.

Some folks believe that these liposomes may also contain other deadly illnesses such as Ebola, Marberg virus etc and that 5G cellular transmission of certain frequencies can cause these faty droplelts to break open releasing their contents.  Imagine a disease that can be turned on at the push of a button depending on say, what zip code you live in!

Fertility is another issue.  Markedly increased rates of miscarriage and lower rates of pregnancy hav been documented in Bioweapon recipients, despite the best efforts of authorities to hide this information.

To follow Cole’s work, be sure to bookmark his website, You can also find him on the forum..

Dr. Raymond Oenbrink