Martin Pall, PhD – How the Telecommunications Industry 5G Strategy Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Replace Human Intelligence: The End of Mankind as We Know It

Comment; Dr. Pall sounds a bit paranoid, I disagree with some of his statements about the collapse of innate intelligence, but I agree with most of what he says and find his note to be a cautionary tale. Unfortunately, I am unsure that we’ll be able to get in the way and stop this form of “progress”. Perhaps the best we can hope for is the anticipated adverse health effects to stop the process–yet many will suffer and some will undoubtedly die.

Martin L. Pall, June 8, 2019


It has become clear from many recent articles, both favoring and opposing 5G, that the main function of 5G will be to be used as a bi-directional conduit for artificial intelligence (AI) information between high powered AI programmed computers and both peripheral sensors and peripheral devices.  In this way, AI can be used to provide real time control in changing, including rapidly changing situations.  The problem is that when one has 5G wireless communication of the vast numbers of pulsations required for such rapid bi-directional communication, the human impacts will be massive, with human brain structure and function and therefore human intelligence being massively impacted.  It follows that using 5G in this way, will cause a rapid massive shift from human intelligence to artificial intelligence such that mankind if it survives at all, will have no resemblance to any humanity that we have previously known.  Accordingly, we need first to have a realistic debate on the consequences of the 5G technology in order to determine whether we want to turn over much of the world to AI control while destroying humanity as we know it.  We also need to determine whether the consequences of EMF exposures, including 5G exposures should be viewed, as we have so far, as unintended consequences as opposed to a calculated part of the strategy to overturn human intelligence and replace it with AI.


Much of the discussion of 5G to date, makes no sense.  There is no public groundswell demanding still faster downloads of information or communication with the “internet of things.”  There certainly is no groundswell of demand to have millions 5G antennae put out in close proximity to our homes, schools, workplaces and hospitals, with no biological safety testing whatsoever.  There is no groundswell of demand for 5G services within the general public.  Nor has it been obvious, where the primary demand for 5G may come from to cover the vast inevitable financial cost of the system, let alone the human costs.

I have listed a series of articles on the internet (see below), each of which argues that the main function of 5G will not be to serve the general public, but rather to serve large corporate or possibly government organizations with perceived artificial intelligence (AI) needs while providing the telecommunications companies with vast revenues and shared monopoly power over these services.

5G does make some sense in that it can service AI usage in real time, even in situations where there are rapid changes in the situation that require rapid information transfer from sensors to AI computers and also rapid information back to devices which can then respond to the changed conditions.  However this can be done in wired fashion in most situations avoiding, then the dangers of 5G EMF exposures.  The only reason to have 5G dispersed widely in close proximity to the vast majority of the population is to use 5G and AI as a network for massive repression!

The other problem for humanity comes from the fact that using wireless communication as opposed to wired communication inevitably exposes humanity as well as all ecosystems to massive attacks which in humans and animals include massive attacks on our brains.  This comes from the fact that 5G wireless communication of the absolutely unprecedented amounts of information inevitably requires exposure to trillions of pulsations, most of which will be in the nanosecond range which produce, in turn, massive activation of the main target of non-thermal EMFs, the voltage sensor of voltage-gated ion channels.

It follows from this that 5G use for AI, will mean that human intelligence will inevitably collapse, making us (to the extent there still is an us) completely dependent on AI.  I would predict that this will, in turn, lead to massive human massacres through the use of police drones purportedly to maintain “law and order.”  This will occur in one of both of the following situations:

  1. There is massive resistance against 5G from people, before our brain function has completely collapsed.
  2. The collapse of our collective brain function and the realization that we are approaching extinction leads to utter chaos.

This will, of course, be labeled a conspiracy theory, that is, after all, exactly what it is.

Does it make any difference as to whether this theory is correct or not?  Surprisingly little.  Why not?  Because it is undoubtedly the case, that the way 5G is being “rolled out” world wide, is to produce a shared monopoly on artificial intelligence data transmission while simultaneously severely attacking human intelligence, and in that way, producing an artificial need for their product.

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