Nora Saks, Montana Public Radio

There’s a narrative about the meth epidemic in Montana that says the state tackled the problem in the 2000s yet it’s back with a vengeance because of super labs and drug cartels in Mexico.  Within the Fort Belknap Indian Community, though, it never really went away.

“Getting high in your car in front of the store; that ain’t a big deal,” said Miranda Kirk.


The native population is genetically very susceptible to the scourge of this disease.  Increasing treatment options would be quite helpful.  We have more effective treatment for opiates than we have for stimulants; but there ARE options available for treatment!  Awareness needs to be raised to get folks the help that they need.

Stimulant addiction can be much more difficult to treat than opiate addiction–but it is STILL TREATABLE!

Dr. Raymond Oenbrink
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