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Dr. Cole gives an excellent, informative & science (not politics) based entertaining lecture on the “Current state of the Covid19 endemic” (no longer a pandemic).

Dr. Cole has performed >100,000 COVID tests in the past year

“Current State of the Covid19 Endemic” (No Longer a Pandemic)

1.      In March 2021 we’re in an endemic not a pandemic.

2.      Corona Virus Epidemiology & Incidence;

3.      Biggest Message of This Presentation

4.      Vitamin D Biology

5.      Who Has Low Vitamin D

6.      Vitamin D, Cancer & Mental Health

7.      Treatment for Outpatient Covid19 Infection

8.      Ivermectin

9.      Covid Shot

10.  Conclusions

In March 2021 we’re in an endemic not a pandemic.

Endemic; disease is present but not widespread (currently running about 2%/new infections/d based on population).

Pandemic; refers to an epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents, usually affecting a large number of people

Corona Virus Epidemiology & Incidence;

Corona viruses are seasonal, have a 6-9 month life cycle.

The average age of death of those in the US 78.6 years old, the average Covid death age is 78.6 years old.

Corona is a fragile virus;

  1. UV light kills it
  2. Ventilation blows it away
  3. It’s insanity to wear a mask outside—that’s the SCIENCE

Risk factors

  1. Obesity
  2. Advanced age
  3. Low Vitamin D

Biggest message on this Pandemic?
Vitamin D.  Low Vitamin D
There is no “Flu Season” only a low Vit D season!

Normal D levels decrease risk of Covid hospitalization by 90%

Vitamin D Biology;

  1. In total, there are 5 different forms, D1to D5. The most common ones are D2 and D3D
    1. D1 Cholesterol converted in the skin by UV light to
    2. D2 (25-OH) Ergocalciferol (is also produced by fungi) transformed in the liver to…
    3. D3 (1,25 di-OH) Cholecalciferol (also found in fish and edible mushrooms), then transformed in the kidneys to…
    4. D4 Calcitriol-very active form of the vitamin most prescribed by endocrinologists
    5. D5 1α-Hydroxyvitamin D (ant-tumor agent)
  2. If level is in mid-range of normal you cannot have a Cytokine storm
  3. D4/Calcitriol mediates its biological effects by binding to the vitamin D receptor(VDR), which is principally located in the nuclei of target cells.
    1. Modulates gene expression via the VDR
      1. 2,000 genes, 5% of our genome is controlled by Vitamin D
      2. Every cell in our bodies has a Vit. D receptor
    2. The structural difference between vitamin D2methyl group on carbon 24 in vitamin D2.[3].
    3. Vitamin D3is in the side chain, which contains a double bond, between carbons 22 and 23.
  4. VDR activation in the intestine, bone, kidney, and parathyroid gland cells leads to the maintenance of calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood

Who has low Vitamin D?

We don’t have a viral pandemic, we have an international vitamin D pandemic

  1. 70-80% of the world population is Vit. D deficient
  2. 82-88+% of nursing home patients are Vit. D deficient
  3. 83% African Americans
  4. 70% of Latino’s
  5. 72% of Native Americans
  6. 40% of Caucasions
  7. 80% of all hospitalized patients
  8. 96% of ICU patients
  9. Best mask of all? A healthy immune system—which requires D in normal range
  10. D requires sunshine, above 35th parallel requires supplementation
    1. Worse in Fall & Winter.
  11. Scandinavian countries test their patients twice/year and supplement 80% of the foods on their shelves—and do well during the Covid season.
  12. Obesity drastically increases morbidity—D is a fat soluble vitamin, gets stored in body fat instead of going to where it’s needed.
  13. Spring through Summer we need outdoor exposure at least 20-30 minutes/d to get natural Vit. D
  14. There is no “social disparity” in this illness regarding pigmented peoples, it’s simple biology—pigmented people make less Vitamin D—especially the further away from the equator that they live.
    1. his is not social disparity it’s “biology”
  15. RDA for D is WRONG, obsolete, it’s the amount needed to prevent death in absence of infection.
  16. Faucin stated that he takes 9,000 IU/d of Vitamin D, but never emphasized its importance.

Vitamin D, Cancer & Mental Health;

Vitamin D decreases the following cancers when maintained in the normal range;

  1. Colon
  2. Breast
  3. Thyroid
    1. And others
  4. Depression;
    1. Suicide; 8/10 of the highest suicide rates are higher latitude states.

Treatment for Outpatient Covid

  1. The earlier treatment begins, the more complications down the road can be prevented.
  2. If there’s a treatment for a disease, the US Federal Government cannot approve licensure for a vaccine for that disease.
  3. The NIH with Moderna holds the patent on the Messenger RNA (mRNA) Covid shot.
    1. It is NOT a vaccine.
    2. Contains no trace of the viral particles—antigens necessary for it to be defined as a “vaccine”.
  4. The fox is guarding the hen-house!
  5. The Government is in bed with a private company!
  6. Hydroxychloroquine has been proven helpful, effective
  7. Remdesavir doesn’t really work beyond the time viral replication occurs—before hospitalization happens
  8. Same with convalescent plasma &
  9. Monoclonal antibodies.
  10. Ivermectin


  1. Anti-parasitic with numerous veterinary applications as well as anti-scabicide for people.
  2. NIH recommended against it (see above)
  3. It works
  4. It’s SAFE—being used worldwide.
    1. 4 billion people have had it since the 1980’s
    2. Is on the world’s safest drug list
    3. the inventor got the Nobel prize for his work on this molecule
    4. Even at 30-40 times recommended dose—no adverse effects—very safe!
  5. Decreases death rates in hospitals by 70-90%!!
  6. Used off label as 20% of all medications in the US are used!
  7. Decreases death rate by 86% if given early otherwise by 70% in Covid patients who are not hospitalized.
  8. Cost? 2 cents
    1. In India given away to entire populations
    2. Wherever it’s been given worldwide they’re back to normal life without masks or restrictions, decreases death rates by 76-80%.
    3. More expensive in the USA
    4. Tractor Supply Company in the US provides an apple-flavored paste enough to treat a 1250 lb horse in a graduated syringe, 1-2 clicks on the syringe is effective therapy for Covid, repeat in 3 days
    5. 1 click/week can be used prophylactically to prevent Covid effectively;
      1. Cost? $4.27 2021 Asheville NC
    6. Ivermectin covers all of the Covid Variants
    7. is a professional site for those trying to save human lives with this medication.
    8. Dosing:
      1. Prophylaxis for high risk individuals 0.15–0.2 mg/kg* once weekly
        1. Adjuvant Therapy
        2. Vitamin D3 1,000–3,000 IU/day
  • Vitamin C 1,000 mg twice daily (better to use to bowel tolerance) + Quercetin 250 mg/day
  1. Melatonin 6 mg before bedtime (causes drowsiness)
  2. Zinc 50 mg/day
  3. Aspirin 80–100 mg/day
  1. Early treatment 0.2 mg/kg* daily on day 1 & day 3
    1. Adjuvant Therapy
    2. Vitamin D3 4,000 IU/day
  • Vitamin C 2,000 mg 2–3 times daily (better to bowel tolerance) + Quercetin 250 mg twice a day
  1. Melatonin 10 mg before bedtime
  2. Zinc 100 mg/day
  3. Aspirin 325 mg/day (unless contraindicated)

Covid Shot:

  1. A “Vaccine” involves given a particle of the pathogen into the body to cause antibodies and immunity to be developed.
  2. mRNA is NOT a vaccine.
  3. We have an “experimental biological immunomodulatory gene therapy injection”.
    1. Not a “vaccine”.
  4. How do you create demand? Create scarcity!
  5. No long-term safety data.
    1. 50% of health care providers are NOT getting this shot!
  6. If immune after injection why do you need a mask?
    1. The fact that masks are being recommended is proof that nobody knows if this “shot” is effective!
  7. If you get a “shot” and 6-12 months later meet the “wild-type” virus, you’ll have an immune system gone haywire.
    1. 100% of animals exposed to wild type virus after the shot had immune systems spinning out of control—which is what causes the worse of the illness and death.


  1. Vitamin D very critical to everybody
  2. Ivermectin works GREAT
  3. Your body your choice—vaccine is uproven

We’re in an endemic, n

Dr. Raymond Oenbrink