1. VIP is only drug known that corrects the final stage of molecular hypometabolism: suppression of ribosomal gene and nuclear encoded mitochondrial gene activation (1).

2. VIP is only drug known that that corrects grey matter nuclear atrophy (looking at hippocampus, amygdala, caudate, putamen, pallidum and thalamus) (2)
3. VIP is only drug known that corrects coagulation gene upregulation
4. VIP is only drug known that corrects upregulation of TUBB1 and TUBA4A
5. VIP is only drug known that corrects persistent low Ikaros and VIPR1 (3)
6. VIP is only drug that corrects the persistent refractory abnormalities in proteomics of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) (4)
7. VIP corrects elevated pulmonary artery pressure both at rest and acquired (4)
8. VIP corrects low levels of both acquired and thymus derived T regulatory cells
9. VIP continues to be incredibly safe when used according to published criteria (2)
10. VIP corrects dilated cardiomyopathy (ejection fraction and LVIDD) anecdotally with such correction correlated with salutary changes in multiple genes (SLC8B1, ADCY and ADRB1 (adrenoceptor), to name a few) in white blood cells (3)


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Dr. Raymond Oenbrink